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Taurite Tū - Strength and balance exercise programme for Māori

Published on Apr 17, 2024

It is April Falls Month, a time to build awareness of fall prevention strategies. We want to take this opportunity to highlight the strength and balance programme started in Ōtākou that brings together kaumātua across Aotearoa!

Taurite Tū is a strength and balance programme designed for Māori and their whānau aged 50 plus using traditional Māori techniques to strengthen muscle, build balance and confidence and prevent the risk of falling.

The kaupapa Māori programme was designed at Ōtākou Marae and researched with kaumātua throughout Aotearoa, Māori physiotherapists, and Māori movement experts in mau rākau (Māori martial arts), tī rākau (Māori stick games), poi, tākaro (games) and whare tapare (Māori performing arts).

The programme is now delivered within 26 marae and other organisations across the county.

WellSouth is proud to support the delivery of this programme across a number of Māori / Rūnanga based organisations throughout Otago and Southland.

Do you have patients who are interested in joining a Taurite Tū class?
Contact the Taurite Tū team at [email protected].

Kaumātua at Ōtakou Marae take part in Taurite Tū strength and balance programme.